Synthetic Photo Album Chennai Albumkart New Models


Hi Everyone Albumkart nowadays makes non tearable  Synthetic Photo Album materials, We can Make High Quality RGB Photo prints with this new model photo papers 


Our Synthetic Photo Album Paper Features

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       1. Non Tearable Paper

We can not tear this papers with hands it is high quality paper witch will get original RGB Print.


       2. Water Proof

It wont get damage if you pull into water it is syntactic materials like plastics


       3. Thin and Smooth

We can make these type of paper with thin quality to have much pages in a single photo book. But we have many thin and thick papers so this is your Option.


       4. Maximum Sheets Contain in a Single Album

Thin Paper Materiel we can make 75 Sheets Maximum One sheet can get tow pages as left and right so 75 sheets mean 150 pages this is maximum pages quantity for a single synthetic photo album.


       5. It is New and Better Than Karizma Photo Books

We can make all new model photo album creative designs with this type of photo album a single album can get more pages than karizma album.


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